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What We Do:

Winchester transform the lives of those they work with by improving their work life balance.

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Discover the lifestyle you deserve by working with Winchester.


Winchester offer umbrella strategies for people working predominantly in the UK.

We believe that when you've worked hard to achieve your goals, you shouldn't have to worry about providing the best possible lifestyle for your family. With our umbrella, we're here to make sure your lifestyle and well being are maximised.

The benefits

  • You will be employed by Winchester and have your salary processed through PAYE
  • Perfect for those in short term contracts that want a low hassle way to work
  • You will be covered by Winchesters Public Liability and Indemnity Insurance
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Limited Company

Winchester understand that running your own Company can be an efficient way of working allowing you to access much more of your Company income. All whilst spending more time enjoying the lifestyle you work so hard to create. 

The benefits

  • Bespoke to your Limited Company
  • Perfect for those in long term contracts
  • Dedicated relationship managers to help you
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Self Employed

If you've only ever considered being self employed, Winchester might have an option just for you.

  • Use a Limited Company or an Umbrella
  • An easier way of working
  • Find out if being self employed is the way forward for you
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